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Do You Know How Many People Show Up At Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson

crime that is punishable domestic violence attorney Tucson up to up to a year after it has to bless than a year to be under misdemeanor once you get beyond here then it becomes a felony right but what they what the legislature has done is courthouse conviction or your third charge for domestic violence they’ve enhanced what would it normally be a misdemeanor say you had an assault third as misdemeanor and say that you had two of those.

Assault thirds and you’ve committed now and been charged with third it would have been a misdemeanor but now because your two prior domestic violence that they’ve enhanced that to felony count in a felony could in these type cases how long could someone be sentenced to as a felon a felony it depends on what the underlying charges again we’ve talked about that you can have different types of domestic violence charges but typically in that scenario I just described it be a class C felony which would be one to ten year sup to ten years.

Wow are you saying allot those cases well this is this is fairly new and so honestly the prosecution at the municipal level has to move these cases from the municipal level to the district court or circuit court level where the felonies are prosecuted and we’re beginning to see that happening in municipal court of Montgomery so that’s why I said I think we’re gonna see some of these caseloads shift from Municipal Court up to our circuit and district court judges well then are you saying a lot of the people that are being prosecuted.

coming back into your court time and time again you see a lot of repeat offenders unfortunately there’s a lot of repeat offenders in domestic violence situations I think that has to do with that these individuals do live or remarried together or have children together so they’re their daily activities are intertwined with one another and it leads to them being together a lot which leads to multiple run-ins with.

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